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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

15th Arrest for Man Accused of Automobile Homicide

Let's see what's wrong with this picture…
The man is 23 years old.
He's been arrested 15 times since 2003- since he was 19 years old.
15 arrests in 4 years- that 4 times per year. How did he have time to drink in between all the overlapping court appearance he must have had to make?

His past arrests include possession of drugs, including marijuana and meth.

Somebody tell me why this jackass was still walking, (and driving) around so the he could get loaded and kill 2 people in his own car instead of being in jail? Put him in a cell and leave him there! Maybe if he had already been locked away securely 2 people would still be alive and the 3rd not facing permanent paralysis. I hope the lives of those 2 that died hang heavy on the last judge that turned this criminal loose on the street. Dumbass!

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